How you can help!

Contribute to the Lewis and Clark Trust

It has been a busy year for us as we pursue our mission of preserving and encouraging interest in the entire trail. We are working with our partners at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (LCNHT) to ensure that the national awareness of our Trail continues to grow and continues to inspire young people. In addition to officially becoming a 501(c)3 organization and announcing our formation at a press conference in Omaha, Nebraska, we have held numerous meetings to establish partnerships with other interested parties aimed at drawing attention to the Trail, its history and its need for preservation.

In addition to pursuing grant opportunities we are asking our friends, who share our passion for the Corps of Discovery and for passing on the lessons of the Expedition, to help us. All of the projects we hope to accomplish cost money. Please join the Trustees in becoming a partner in sharing the legacy of the Lewis and Clark story and in promoting the preservation of the Trail for all people. We recognize every contributor and respect the value of every dollar donated to help us achieve our mission.

Your support will help us ensure that the next generation will have the opportunity to learn about, follow and preserve the Lewis and Clark Trail. We hope you enjoy the enclosed coaster provided by one of our outstanding partners.

Donate to the Lewis and Clark Trust.

photo ©2013 Roland Taylor